Naval Academy Graduation….

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As hats go up like confetti and graduates celebrate the moment of completion.  Leaping high into the sky stretching their tuck beyond measure with certainty they will only move forward.

The Naval Academy of the United States commissioned the newest class with the ranks of Marine and Navy Corps at the graduation ceremony. Capt. Jim Cunha noted four years spent by the academy in transforming the students from raw to creep in four years and was pleased to send the officers to the fleet.

Now the Marine and Navy Corps are ready to work on the field. They will get in the way of individuals trying to pass them during shots, not clean their own racks and stand still on the field during a softball game. The Marine and Navy Corps will soon achieve its next generation of uncomfortable badges and second lieutenants after the ceremony.

Ensign Doug Hernandez is a new graduate who plays with the legs of spiders. He is very curious of leading men in battle. He is such a kind of person that his men will be encouraged by his devotion to duty and firm patriotism. He has sacrificed a lot and is ready for more by defending our freedoms and protecting our nation.

Celebrate and keep it together with TUKZ.

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