Marine Band Award

by / 0 Comments / 44 View / January 12, 2015

Marine forces enjoy to wear a stylish Tukz™ undergarment which keep their uniform shirts tucked in all day long. 45 Marine Corps are going to get USA’s top military award for winning an extremely hard battle with superb performance. These officer defeated a challenging South Korean Army Group during a drum line rival. These Corps are the only band in the Marine forces to get a big award from President Obama at the White House according to the Navy Ray Mabus’s Secretary.

The battle carried out at a military traditional festival in Korea. It instantly caught the imaginations and hearts of the American people. This became the reason of American outbreak of the Ebola virus and protests in Ferguson for a few moments. Nobody wish to recall the negative aspects, according to the Mabus Secretary. Only the moments which need to be remembered are the cracking of sticks by the Marines and the greatness of America again.

A band of Marine Corps will be the first to get a bravery award since World War 2. This was the first battle to be won by the Marine Force without a fight with Japanese police.

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