Fastest man alive…..Major

by / 0 Comments / 41 View / January 13, 2015

Major Eric Newburgh was found running quickly at the main entry of US Central Command at MacDill Air Force Base. This made him the fastest man alive. A video of this scene was captured but was not seen by Newburgh before being interviewed. He started recalling the events later on.  Imagine being the fastest man alive keeping your shirt tucked in with  Tukz™.

Newburgh told the reporter that he mistakenly left his Identification card in his computer and went back for it. Also the speakers started sounding loudly on shutting his car door. This went for about two minutes. After this Newburgh covered 75 meters in 7.177 seconds. This was the distance from his car to the entrance of CENTOM. This made him 2nd faster racer as compared to the World record holder of 100 meter pace, Usain Bolt.

The twist of the whole story is that Newburgh was not able to complete a race of 1.5 miles in 14 minutes in an Air Force Fitness Test. He was not expecting for such a result and thought that humidity was cause of his failure.

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