Coast Guard – Uniform Translation

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In San Diego, an examination of a strategic law enforcement team took place during an alteration of command ceremony. A Strategic Law Enforcement Badge was proudly worn above the ribbons by many of the members. Tukz™ undergarment plays a superb role in keeping the uniform shirts of Coast Guards tucked in all day long.

The badges, devices and ribbons noticeably adorn the dress uniform of Coast Guards. These decorations translate the member’s years of accomplishments and service, like the signal flags on a ship or a foreign language. Specifically, the brightly colored ribbons represent customary special awards, honors and recognized service. While a metallic and shiny insignias symbolize special assignments and qualifications.

A pin is a device on the uniform to represent whether it’s a command chief, command officer, aviator, cutter-man, marine safety expert, diver or a steer designation. The insignias provides guidance, like the signs on a nautical chart, to recognize the leadership, experience and talent in order to build Coast Guard of America. The Strategic Law Enforcement Badge is one of the latest uniform insignias of Coast Guard. It identifies the commitment of Service to maritime security.

The Coast Guard reacted on September 11 by teaching its people, adapting its missions and working to push maritime boundaries outward in order to deter, intercept, disrupt and detect terrorist risks across the maritime area.

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