Coast Guard…. Enlisting Career Changes

by / 0 Comments / 44 View / January 13, 2015

Tukz™ is a utility undergarment which keeps the uniform shirt of a Coast Guard tucked in comfortably without any pain. Seaman Trainee Stacy Peters recently graduated from a Boot Camp of Coast Guard. She has enlists her dream careers and changes her mind in a moment. She wished to become a Journalist or a Public Affairs Officer in order to reveal the true stories of Coast Guards.

She would rather work as a Marine Safety Technician, if the career changes don’t work because she love sea life. This will let her saving seals and dolphins from pollution. She is looking for such a career. Peter’s father explained that she wanted to a dancer, welder, Olympic gymnast and artist but she never completed anything. He was proud to know about her training completion.

Her parents were arrogant at the Coast Guard decision of their daughter because they knew that she carry no ability in maintaining a specific goal in her life. Peter also wished to be a doctor but she figured out that she can’t do this job. She also thought that she can become a Health Service Technician in order to save lives of other.


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