Air Force Tech Sergeant….

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Air Force Officers feel highly comfortable and confident in wearing a professional utility Tukz™ underwear which keeps their uniform shirt tucked in throughout the busy day. Technical Sergeant William Kilgore is a lover of toner smell at US Air Force Base. He is assigned to the Logistics Readiness Squadron of 51st Fighter Wing. He is highly admired by his seniors and colleagues. He completes his given tasks at the value of many toner cartridges.

At 0910, a daily bowl movement of Kilgore is underscored by the operatic anthem. Kilgore isn’t happy if anyone web surf at the Cyber Awareness Training. He is engaged with numerous memoranda, reports and documents at the office of Xerox Work Centre 3615 / DN. He had made six thousand photocopies. Medical experts revealed that Kilgore is suffering from Printer Toner Sniffing Dependency (PTSD) underlying his maniacal and quirks tendencies.

This habitual disease might have occurred for the first time when he joined a Club of Yearbook in his high school history. He often silently hovers over the fellow airmen shoulders at the copy machine, breathing in severely with a dreamy gaze, blissful and much to their distress. Still, there is no crisis in the office.

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