Admiring Blue Digital Uniform….

by / 0 Comments / 147 View / January 13, 2015

The commander of the United States Pacific Fleet commented, at San Diego’s Naval Base, that he was very proud of the usefulness and versatility of the Navy Working Uniform. The Naval forces can feel confident when their uniform foundation is Tukz™.

This uniform was presented in 2008. It resembles the design of digital MARPAT in green color and the desert Marines. Some sailors were not happy to go for a blue camouflage pattern on their uniform. Despite of the fact, the Navy Working Uniform was added to the list of necessary clothing products.

Many sailors were happy with the new uniform in spite of interruptions. The reason was to wear more wear and tear by this uniform. Sailors also admired it as the best working uniform with durability, comfort and enemy protection with camouflage design. The sailors wearing this uniform can’t be spotted by the enemies in water because of its fantastic design.

The sailors are having swim qualification and can use the Navy Working Uniform trousers as a floating device. One reason of introducing the new uniform was the death of two sailors during a rescue attempt. They were mistakenly killed.


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