About Us

Tukz™ is an amazing stylish shapewear and professional utility underwear with 4 shirt garters designed to comfortably keep shirts tucked all day long. Tukz™ delivers professional utility like no other undergarment in the world.

The patented Tukz™ technology is influenced and inspired by the Japanese Obi, the elegance of the Indian Sador, the fitted look of the Chinese Qipao for women and the strength of the bullfighter’s tucked Camisas.

“Why Wear Tukz?” Style is simple…Looking your best is about being yourself, feeling confident and having your shirt tucked in. Tukz™ was created to help with offering well-crafted, great-fitting luxury undergarments and a top-notch shopping experience that’s simple and painless.

When Tukz™ was invented it was born out of people complaining about a distaste for:

  • Regular Dress shirts perpetually coming un-tucked
  • Slim fit Dress Shirts not solving the un-tucked problem
  • Magnets not keeping an active man’s shirt tucked in
  • Slacks or underwear with Sticky materials are costly solution
  • Shirt garters are cumbersome and only appropriate for formal clothes
  • Every other solution is just…weird

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