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Always Ready TUKZ Coast Guard

Coast Guard

Out to sea, or in port — a professional look is warranted by the Coast Guard. And with TUKZ the Coast Guard is “Always Ready!” The United States Coast Guard (USCG) is a branch of the United States Armed Forces…

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The Army Wears TUKZ


An immaculate uniform is something the Army knows firsthand. They were first branch — so they probably coined the phrase “Squared-Away.” With TUKZ, every cadet, and soldier, can now maintain that professional uniform! The United States Army (USA) is the largest…

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The Air Force Wears TUKZ

Air Force

Having a “Squared-Away” uniform is paramount in The United States Air Force. And with TUKZ keeping their shirts tucked in all day — they will remain that way! The United States Air Force (USAF) is the aerial warfare service branch of the…

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Military pay: DoD announces 2015 pay increases

Most members of the U.S. armed forces can look for a 1 percent pay raise for the upcoming year. Basic allowance for housing rates for service members in 2015 will increase on average $17 per month, or 0.5 percent, the…

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Air Force’s newest fighter jet, F-22 Raptor

Air Force’s newest fighter jet, F-22 Raptor

> > > F-22 Missile Launch. Video courtesy of U.S. Air Force. > > WASHINGTON — Envisioned in the 90s as crucial to U.S. military superiority in the next century — the sleek, radar-evading F-22 Raptor has finally seen…

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  Hello, and thank you for allowing me to email your site!

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You can make an argument that a Marine is probably the most squared away, well groom individual on the planet. And with TUKZ to keep their shirts tucked in — they’ll continue to win that argument! The United States Marine…

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Chief Wears TUKZ


While “Manning The Rails” Sailors and Marines are well groomed and immaculately dressed. Tukz™ is an amazing stylish shapewear and professional utility underwear with 4 shirt garters designed to comfortably keep shirts tucked all day long. So however long you’re…

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The Coast Guard Wears TUKZ!


Semper Paratus — Always Ready! The Coast Guard Wears TUKZ!

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Aim High! Fly-Fight-Win. The Air Force Wears TUKZ!

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